Soller to Soller: Raising awareness and funds for the global ocean plastic crisis with Asociacion Ondine
Asociación Ondine

Asociacion Ondine’s mission is to enable the Balearic Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony with a prospering, environmentally conscious, and proactive local population.


If we don’t change the impact of our environmental footprint on this once pristine archipelago, marine life will vanish and our children will face a future without access to clean waters in which to swim. Asociación Ondine collaborates with government, businesses, and the multitude of communities that co-exist across the islands to raise awareness of the problem unfolding before our eyes, and implementing long-term sustainable solutions.

Asociación Ondine rely entirely on public donations to fund their programmes, and we hope you will join our efforts to help spread a wave of positive change in the Balearics and beyond.


A grass roots marine conservation organisation that thinks big, Asociacion Ondine creates innovative and sustainable solutions for a global problem, focusing on protecting marine areas and reducing plastic pollution. They bring the local community and industry together in an effort to protect and conserve the Balearic Sea’s rich biodiversity and help the region thrive in a way that benefits both the people and the environment.


Dive instructor and marine explorer Brad Robertson moved to Mallorca over ten years ago with his wife Bea Esparza, and instantly fell in love with the island’s culture, people, and the surrounding Balearic Sea. However, he soon saw how little was being done to preserve what lies beneath the waves, and from this moment of frustration Association Ondine was born.


In 2017 alone they removed 2.2 tonnes of rubbish from our beaches and 600m of ghost nets from our seas. 870 volunteers got involved and inspired others to join us too. Within the first three weeks of 2018 over 700 students were enrolled in their Dos Manos Schools Programme.